Bentwood pieces and every kind of shape for wood-pieces

The company’s know-how has been improved during its almost 40-years presence in the field of wood. This allows to present a high-quality product that can satisfy every particular manifacturing need: we have just bought some numerical control machines in the way to sell a better service both for quality and for delivery terms.
The search for a solution to every particular technical exigency of its customers is the company’s first and only aim. The company’s technological capacity allows to realize a wide range of items, from the standard ones to the most difficult ones, in various thicknesses and in various kind of wood (beech wood in particular).

Particular offer for every kind of request.
Working behind customer’s request we haven’t our price list or our catalogue, but we can try to realize what you need.
Only few pieces, the standard ones, are rappresented in our little catalogue: often we have these pieces ready in our stock.

For the calculation of the cost of a particular piece we need the following information:
- TYPE OF WOOD: beech wood, oak, ash, ecc...
- QUALITY: raw material, only bent, worked, smoothed, ecc...
- NEXT TO: - or a drawing with length, width, thickness and radius of bending;
(or one sample)
You can contact us at the following addresses: