The company Medeot Mario srl is a firm specialized in the bending of solid wood and in this field it has been operating since 1965. In its plant of 6.000 sqm that lies on a total of 20.000, about 50 employers find place in the sawmill, in the various departments for complementary manufacturing processes and, of course, in the bending departments: this process is executed both with high-frequency presses and with a mechanical technology of the company’s own formulation.

On the outer area a large supply of raw material (beech-wood in particular) is stocked to meet the needs of the company’s production.
Cutting the planking directly in the company’s sawmill allows us to obtain a semifinished product of a better quality, in a quick delivery and of course compatible with the bending process.
Buying directly the raw material from more than 30 years allows us to be also competitive in selling trunks, planks and elements in different kinds of European-wood, qualities, thickness and humidity.