Medeot garden line

Respecting the European rules EN1728 of endurance, in order to guaranty its furniture, the company Medeot submits every article (joints, raw material, glue and in general all the components) to the hard tests of CATAS, the most important Italian company of research-development and laboratory-testing in the wood field.

As confirmed in Catas 2005 testing, Medeot Garden Line products withstaand testing at level 5 (200.000 impacts - contract level), which is at least 5 times higher that stringent UNI 10977/2002 requirements.

In accordance with Medeot's long-standing policy of respect for the environment, the company has chosen false acacia wood for its Garden Line furniture. The false acacia tree was imported from America in the 17th century and now thrives in Northeast Europe. Unlike exotic types of wood that are becoming extinct due to uncontrolled deforestation, false acacia is always harvested and reforested carefully. With its own quality of resistance to weather (for this reason is widely used in vineyards), false acacia is comparable to the finest and best known exotic woods, such as teak. To further improve its already excellent resistance, Garden Line furniture is treated with a special drying process and impregnated with ecologic water-based varnish oil.
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