Medeot garden line


We have received many requests by e-mail concerning maintenance procedure . The Medeot Garden Line is more than a simple collection of outdoor furniture. Thanks to its fine design and the beauty of its false acacia wood, it can be attractively placed indoors or in enclosed outdoor areas. The solid wood remains and acts as a living material over time. We recommend that you do not leave the furniture outside without a shelter. Large umbrellas, gazebos, arcades, etc. are very benificial to our collection. All kind of solid wood when exposed to rain absorbs moisture and increases in volume; when left under the intense rays of the sun it shrinks. Because of this natural process, micro-splits can appear on the surface of wood; at the same time the wood protects itself becoming grey. These effects preserve every quality of the solid wood over time, but it is enough looking at the follwing simple rules and your Medeot collection shall come back as new. When our furniture looks dull, wash it with a sponge moistened with water and neutral detergent, then dry them with a clean cloth. At this point, renew the natural surface protection of the wood by applying the special water-based conditioner, that is supplied in the maintenance kit, using a cloth or brush on the dry surface of the piece. The frequency of maintenance depends on the surrounding environment. In salty areas close to the sea, or when the unprotected piece is constantly exposed to sunlight, perform our suggested maintenance process more times for season; in all other cases, our experience suggests that maintenance should be performed once a season.

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