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13th of November 2009
The website, one of the most linked blogs for home furniture and design, in the part dedicated to “design and innovation with wooden style”, has found its place an interesting article on the concept "Made in Italy has always been synonymous with unique style and advanced design". At the moment, the Italian companies that want to continue their way during the crisis that has hit the economy all over the world, also in the furnishing sector is no longer sufficient to offer only the Made in Italy and the capacity to industrialize typically Italian products with a high creative content, but must also be rewarded and appreciated the aesthetic appearance, necessarily compatible with a number of other factors including outstanding quality and innovation. To emphasize this concept is taken for example what is the philosophy of the collection Medeot Garden Line likely to pass a logical design-oriented pure aesthetic differentiation of its product by focusing on innovation and creativity management. To increase the concept that every detail is important, that high quality raw materials and advanced manufacturing technologies are necessary to obtain a product of great comfort and durability, Medeot Garden Line has chosen a particular and well known wood such as Robinia combined to the techniques of solid wood bending thanks to more than 40 years of experience of the company in this field. In addition, not more quantities of timber taken than the strictly necessary, always taken in the respect of the reforestation are the best way to continue the use of wood as an excellent resource for building and designing furniture. For this reason Medeot Garden Line has chosen the wood of Robinia, a plant with a natural growth, which deforestation and reforestation are always checked.

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