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Poem "HARMONY - march 2064"
11th of September 2009
A local poet dedicated a poem to our chairs HARMONY: Harmony - March 2064 Once upon a time there was a wooden chair. Harmony, was all in wood because the king wanted that way. The worms pierced the mantle, spiders wove the cloth between her legs creaking. Harmony was a wooden chair and was also very old. It was so old, the chair of the king, that the king of that chair was already dead, buried in the back of the past, In time where all the kings and their kingdoms go where there are not to be the wooden chairs Harmony. The poet has told us that the title that shows the year 2064 means the expected minimum endurance of our chairs. Specifically, if we take the 200,000 hits in the Catas tests, required to obtain the certification level 5 for contract , and divide them for about 10 times per day, it turns out that the minimum endurance of the strength of a chair Harmony is 55 years (200.000hits: 10times:365days=55anni ).

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