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7th of September 2009
A new video has recently been realized inside the plant of the company Medeot for giving more emphasis on the superior and unquestionable quality and durability that our furniture were in comparison to what else we can find on the market. You can have a look at the video on the web at the address The brothers Giorgio and Armen Petrosyan, the well known Italian figthers, were identified with a muay thai K1 match against our furniture and they have been stunned (very rare event for them!). All this is obviously the result of a fiction, but the strength of our furniture can be certified by test Catas, the most important laboratory testing for wood field in Europe. Our furniture have tested with 200.000 "hits" with weights of 1000 N (102 kg.) on the seat and 300 N (31.2 kg.) on the back and came out winners tested by the "certificate of guarantee". From a pure statistical calculation of probability, considering we sit on a chair for 10-20 times a day, it would take 25-50 years before you get to 200,000 strokes that Catas simulated. This information can be found in detail on our web site

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