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26th of October 2009
Giorgio Petrosyan, the fighter of Armenian origin who lives in Mossa, that has been, with his brother Armen in a promotional video of Medeot Garden-Line furniture, has officially become legendary World Muay-thai champion, after the victory in the K1 World Max Japan, the most important martial arts tournament in Yokohama Arena to the presence of 11,000 spectators. The Japanese event was the worthy end of a running track that saw George win the Oktagon tournment in Milan (March 2009). His path in the important tournament was exciting: beat Arab Askerov (in final 16) and Dutch Kraus (in final 8) landing on the semi-finals against the Japanese idol Yuya Yamamoto. Only two minutes were enough for the champion of Satori Gladiatorum Nemesis of Gorizia to beat the Japanese idol for KO and the final match against the Dutch Andy Souwer, although its well-known all over the world for his twice world championship, suffered the hard lesson that allowed Giorgio to the victory points with the unanimous verdict of the jury. Petrosyan, just 24 years old, becomes the reference point of the World Muay-Thay court and now is like a king on the throne, and is waiting for the future challenges that from the Far East are already arriving. To Giorgio Petrosyan and his staff the best congratulations for the dream that has become a real thing and at the same time a sincere "good luck" to our champion for a future full of success: FORZA GIORGIO!!!

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